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Wall Mount Easels

ShopPOPdisplays.com offers high quality acrylic wall mount easels at discounted prices. Wall mount easels are available in upright and tilted configurations as well as a large choice of sizes. These are a great solution for displaying picture frames, books, decorative plates and more.

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Our wall-mounted acrylic easels are ideal for displaying artwork such as decorative plates and commemorative plaques on walls. It features 4 pre-drilled screw holes that mount securely to walls and angles your artwork for better visibility. Made of quality acrylic, it blends in at homes, offices, restaurants, bookstores, or tradeshows. Durable acrylic is lightweight and strong. It can securely hold decorate plates and saucers, photos and framed artwork, books, plaques, and musical instruments.

Regular maintenance will help keep the acrylic display looking clean and clear. To ensure the beauty and longevity of your acrylic wall mount easels, clean using non-abrasive soft cloths, mild soap, and warm water. We recommend Novus Products to clean, protect, and repair acrylic.

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