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Whether you are in the retail industry, a trade show representative, restaurant owner, or simply looking for a way to enhance your home décor, shopPOPdisplays has an extensive catalog of display stands that will fit all your needs. Constructed from a variety of materials that include acrylic, metal, and wood, we have display stand solutions in various styles and orientations. From poster stands, jewelry display stands, metal displays to wooden barrel and basket displays, acrylic risers, and multi-function countertop displays, shopPOPdisplays has vast stock and customization options. We have competitively priced display stands for every budget. From big to small, countertop to standalone, our wide selection not only accommodates your needs, but can also be custom made to your unique specifications.

Impressive and innovative display stands are integral to both business success and fashion forward residential design. Multipurpose display stands transform trade show, exhibition, and  convention booths; indoor and outdoor restaurant aesthetics, as well as enhancing and showcasing products or an artwork collection. Create an elegant look with functionality in any environment while promoting products with quality display stand merchandisers.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the most commonly used display stands?

There are many popular styles of display stands used throughout the retail industry, trade shows, conventions, expos, and even for personal home décor. Among industry favorites are multipurpose metal poster stands, acrylic j stands – popular for brochures and books, acrylic cell phone stands, acrylic cupcake stands, acrylic floor standing poster stand for advertising, acrylic jewelry display stands, three tier wooden basket display with casters, and flanged stair step with front lip.

What display stands are best for retail stores?

Display stands like slatwall display stands to acrylic floor standing poster displays are best for advertising large promotional sales; however, there are many more display stands that perform well in a variety of retail environments. From tiered basket display stands that can hold large quantities of items to smaller more niche display stands such as an acrylic necklace display stand, necktie display stand, cell phone stand, or our 5 pair earring stand. If your business is in the food retail industry – selling food and other culinary specialties – you may be interested in multifunctional and versatile acrylic cupcake stands or cake pop displays. If in the apparel and accessories industry selling small items consider a two tier round basket stand or acrylic floor standing double riser to showcase accessories or display folded garments. Our line of acrylic risers are an essential countertop display choice that will call attention to valuable items. If your store rotates visual merchandisers frequently, then having an acrylic 3 shelf knock down display would be ideal for both storage and convenience.

What display stand materials are available?

Display stands at shopPOPdisplays come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Some of the more popular choices for display stands are manufactured from wood, metal, and acrylic. At shopPOPdisplays our stock and custom options include a large assortment of display stands constructed from these versatile materials. Select one or more materials for a classic or casual vibe for your business.

Which displays stands are best for small items?

Within the stock and custom selection of display stands we offer at shopPOPdisplays, there are particular styles perfectly designed for petite products. Our acrylic u-shaped risers are an ideal choice for showcasing small objects in an upscale manner. The flanged stair step with front lip is an ideal choice for showcasing cosmetic products like nail polish or lipsticks. Merchandisers like our round shelf wire rack and oval basket display with 3 tiers are functional fixtures suited for bulk items that can be conveniently stationed near checkout areas and cash wraps. Small jewelry display stands includes acrylic rotating earring display, clear acrylic ring display stand, and acrylic necklace display stand. For small electronics, our acrylic J stand and acrylic cell phone stand. Our acrylic Z stand is a prime choice for business cards and the acrylic 5 sided box is an ideal drop zone for your shop’s on-demand gadgets that is perfectly situated on countertops lined up on multiple shelves. We also have custom display stand options and a team of display specialists ready to discuss your display visions to meet your unique specifications!

Do you offer tabletop display stands?

Yes. At shopPOPdisplays we offer tabletop display stand solutions for every environment. From table top easels, J stands, square acrylic table risers, to solid acrylic block risers, two sided tent style sign holder, and our single slab tabletop podium, we have a variety of tabletop display stands that suit any need. From retail – apparel, food, café, automotive, gallery and expo, trade show and convention all of our high quality display stands are designed and crafted to support product promotion and encourage your customers to peruse your products in an organized and comfortable environment.