Suggestion Box And Ballot Boxes

Our Acrylic Ballot Boxes and Donation Boxes are the perfect items for all of your suggestion, election, voting, raffle, and customer service needs! Are you looking for a suggestion box that will help collect customer service comments or feedback? Perhaps a donation box for charity collection? Maybe you need a raffle box for a big upcoming event or you need the perfect voting box to tally the next winner? No matter the reason, all of us at shopPOPdisplays are confident we have the box you’re looking for.
Acrylic Raffle Drum
Acrylic Raffle Drum
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Listening to the feedback of your customers, employees, and local constituents is crucial in today’s fast paced and modern landscape – many times, it’s a major factor in facing success or failure. Thankfully, there are tried-and-true methods in collecting that information and shopPOPdisplays has them in the form of Acrylic Ballot Boxes and Suggestion Boxes.

Our Acrylic Ballot Boxes come in a number of variations and sizes, including the following types: suggestion box, donation box, raffle box, and voting box. Our suggestion boxes are ideal for offices, schools, and even retail shops. Some models are wall mountable or small enough to be placed on a table or counter and won’t take away from your merchandising space if in a shop. Get valuable feedback from your employees and customers, which can make a huge difference in moral and future sales. At the same time, you’re giving them an avenue to have their voice, but with the benefit of anonymity.

Our various ballot boxes also make fantastic donation boxes. With items that feature clear and visible signage and made with opaque or transparent acrylic, your donation box won’t get lost in the shuffle. Many of our ballot box items come with locking mechanisms and keys to keep the money inside safe and sound.

Our lineup of Acrylic Ballot Boxes can also function as raffle boxes. Choose one of our floor standing models for instant attention and interaction – some even come with more elegant pedestals. And of course, all of our ballot boxes serve as excellent voting boxes. Secured safely with locks, you can ensure that voting remain private and accurate. As always, talk to us about any custom or printing options you may be looking for, we’re happy to help!