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Counter Top Displays

According to retail experts, because of their proximity to a customer’s hands and eyes, Counter Top Displays are more likely to capture attention. We carry a wide array of retail counter displays to serve your needs. Some of those include: wire and acrylic racks, countertop mirrors, display units, photo and literature frames, display stands, and many other holders. All of them can help convert browsers into shoppers. Enticing customers with the right ones to engage with your products can bring in extra revenue. Let our products help you turn your customers’ curiosity into profits.

Whether displaying food, electronics, health and beauty items, or something else, point of purchase (POP) counter displays or one example of a powerful tool to help spur more sales. These units are at hand and eye level and they’re also placed at a point in the shopping experience where the customer is about to spend. This is just one example of a retail counter top display piece that can help you get your products into the hands of the people who want them. In addition, virtually all countertop merchandise display units allow for interactions between shoppers, the products, and clerks, creating opportunities for you and your team to close more sales.

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Helping to Choose the Best Counter Top Display for You

As we said, shopPOPdisplays has a tremendous selection of counter top displays, or tools to help you not just display items, but also get sales conversations going. We take great pride in helping you choose the right combination of merchandise display pieces for your specific type of retail store. Our customer service teams have helped a lot of different companies create the best counter displays for their retail environment. We start by listening to what you need and taking a close look at your retail environment as well. Then, we start making decisions about which one of our display pieces can work best for you.

We can help you go beyond making single decisions about display stands for a point of purchase (POP) counter or a tabletop retail display, or something else. We look at your whole retail store to find ways to maximize your sales opportunities throughout it. We can put together an entire plan of attack for your retail store so that you get the most out of everything we recommend for you. And even after you start putting your displays into place, you can still call our experts for help and other suggestions.

We have decades of experience helping retailers develop a strategy that may include any number of our wide range of POP counter displays, mirrors, wire racks, acrylic displays, photo frames and more. There are thousands of combinations out there to put together your custom plan for your countertop retail displays. If you’re not getting the most sales traction out of your counter space that’s possible, consult with a member of our team to help you choose the right retail counter top display stands that will get your customers peeking in mirrors, asking to try on rings or jewelry and even inquiring about other products in the area, all because you piqued their curiosity with a counter top display.

Even if you’re not a retailer, we can help you. Maybe you have counter space at home where you want to display, showcase and even lock up certain collectible items. Our counter top displays are also used in homes, by museums and nonprofits, and in a lot of other environments as well. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re considering a counter top display, don’t delay! Reach out to a shopPOPdisplays expert consultant today to help you find the right one to suit your needs.