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Victoria's Secret - Case Study

"You always accommodate."

Why they choose to do business with us

Who wouldn't want to work with Victoria's Secret, known as "Quite Simply the Sexiest Brand in the World?" shopPOPdisplays has a long-standing relationship with parent company L Brands, who describe our work and our service as "reliable" and "agile." They say it is our fast sampling capacity coupled with our understanding of their brand standards that keep our collaborations successful. Our efficiency and competence reinforce their confidence in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations.

What they love

When asked about our biggest success in their eyes, they referenced our most recent project. Nothing is better than a client who doesn’t have to think long or hard about what you do well.

They contacted us about a new build. The design was composed of multiple components they wanted in locations selling Victoria’s Secret Beauty products. A venture of that size and detail would ordinarily take 6-10 weeks or longer from first concept to roll out, but they needed it fast. From first drawings to shipping from our warehouse into their stores, we had units in nearly 2000 stores in four weeks. When brands request a multiple roll out, they are conveying confidence in your ability to deliver.

Once the fixtures were installed and merchandised, they tell us that shopper feedback is consistently positive. Our customer is satisfied, and so are theirs. We delivered.

"Never change"

We seek out opinions from clients as continuous improvement opportunities. So, when we asked for feedback, they told us that they most appreciate our speed, agility, and our ability to keep up with them as their priorities and opinions change. In their words, no matter how "crazy" the request, we always accommodate. When they need us to adjust, even on short notice, we get it done.

As our relationship has developed throughout the years, they’ve begun to see us as an extended member of the team. We've proven that we are capable, that we respect their brand, their business values, and can represent them both in what we create and how we engage. It's not just the products we make, it's who we are, and the passion and energy we bring to making them successful. We are grateful for their confidence in us.

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