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Lovesac - Case Study

You want it when??

Why they choose to do business with us

shopPOPdisplays’ relationship began with Lovesac a few years ago, as they undertook their self-described brand design refresh. With our input, their original design concept for store fixtures evolved and a partnership formed.

With such an aggressive growth strategy planned for their business, the time for them to commit to a new vision for displaying their products and materials was critical. Being open to collaboration, their willingness to allow us to pitch ideas help build trust and credibility between our organizations. They began tentatively with small orders, scaling up, and we kept pace. Opening new stores with us as a POP partner is now an automated process. We manufacture a series of custom items for them which we warehouse on-site until they are ready to take delivery. Additionally, there is a "new store" kit with specific fixtures and components that are always part of the design footprint.

Their architectural design team describes us as "easy to work with." They recently tested our team and our capabilities with a rather unusual request.

They contacted us about putting together a full-store display as part of an internal presentation for managers at an off-site meeting. Whereas we routinely plan with them for new store openings months in advance, they made this request for fabrication and shipping inside one week, to a location to which we’d never previously delivered. We thought, "you want it when??" but we didn’t let that stop us.

We delivered.

Why they stay

Despite promotions and team reassignments both within our organization and theirs, they tell us they stay with us because we make them feel like a priority, even when they make requests on short notice. They say "we make doing business easy" and that we are "consistently accommodating."

"Never change"

Business experts estimate the cost to acquire a customer to be 30 times greater than working to retain one. So, when Lovesac describes our value proposition in their eyes as "service," there’s nothing we would rather hear. "Eagerness to help us achieve what we’re trying to achieve" is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of shopPOPdisplays. They anticipate doing business with us for the long-term. We intend to continue delighting them with our service for as long as they are in business.